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You might need the following information. For more info, please refer to your Fido service agreement! No matter your Fido modem model, just follow the easy steps below. Avoid placing it inside or behind cabinets or furniture. Use the power cord provided. The modem will be online in just a few minutes, once the symbol located on the front of the modem stops flashing and remains lit.

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Yes Email Article: people found this helpful. They never deduct from the minutes included in your monthly plan. Things to Know Long distance charges apply if you forward your calls to a number outside your local calling area. Unless calls are forwarded to your Fido Voice Messaging service, Call Forward minutes are always charged at a pay per use rate unless you have a Call Forwarding add-on.

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Calls can only be forwarded to a Canadian or an American country code "1" phone number. Using Unconditional Call Forwarding.

On your phone: As each phone menu can be different, consult your phone's User Guide for assistance. Using Conditional Call Forwarding. On your phone As each phone menu can be different, consult your phone's User Guide for assistance. Using short codes: Make sure to select the proper code according to your situation.

Using Call Forwarding while traveling. In Canada and to the U.

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See our long distance rates. Outside the Fido network in Canada: Regular roaming charges will apply. See our rates while traveling. We're sorry! Good news! An error has occurred! Please enter a postal code.