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For information about your property taxes, contact your county tax collector. Florida tax account except property information - Call the Customer Contact Center at Tennessee St.

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Tallahassee, FL Written requests help us ensure your confidential information is protected. When submitting your request it should be on company letterhead and include: business Federal Employer Identification Number or owner's Social Security Number, physical location of your business, photo identification for sole proprietor , records being requested type of tax, dates, etc. Is the information you are requesting confidential? The Department of Revenue maintains sensitive business and personal information for millions of people.

Some of this information is exempt from disclosure under Florida's public records law. When responding to requests for confidential information, it is our policy to provide the information only when permitted by law. Listed below is the most commonly requested confidential information for child support, property tax, other Florida taxes, and administrative and financial services. How do I make a request for Public Records other than my own account? Requests for records can be made in-person, by e-mail, by phone, or in writing. We will respond to your request promptly.

Florida Public Records

Because e-mail sent over the Internet is not secure, please do not include your social security number or any other confidential information in an e-mail. Listed below is the contact information for each of our programs for requesting public records.

NOTE: Do not request your own records through e-mail, rather call the numbers listed above. We must establish your identity or that you are an authorized representative for the taxpayer before we can discuss or release confidential information to you. To protect the confidentiality of taxpayer records, the requested records will be mailed to your address of record. Requests for confidential taxpayer records will not be responded to through e-mail and you may be required to provide written documentation before we can release the records to you.

When we receive your public records request, we check to see if the Department of Revenue has the records requested, if the request includes confidential information, and if there will be a charge for responding. Then we will promptly provide you with an accurate, clearly communicated response.

This response may include the information requested or an explanation of when the information will be ready. If part of the information you request is confidential and cannot be disclosed, we will provide you with redacted records.

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This means that confidential or exempt information in the records will be blacked out. If all, or part, of your request cannot be disclosed, we will provide you with an explanation and legal reference. You will also receive an itemized invoice of proposed fees or fees charged.

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Jump to navigation Skip navigation. And the state police are trying to get in on the act as well. In this case, the response is not only a violation of Florida law, but is also fatally undermined by records the Sunrise Police Department has already posted online. Government agencies are required to respond to a public records request by searching for and releasing relevant documents, or explaining why individual documents fall within one of the narrow statutory exemptions to disclosure.

Refusing to even confirm whether records exist violates the letter and spirit of the Florida Public Records Act. But even more embarrassing for the city is that the Sunrise Police Department has already publicly acknowledged that it owns at least one Stingray.

Public Record Requests

See here for an explanation of the abbreviations found on this form. An agency cannot acknowledge a fact in one context, but then refuse to confirm or deny the same information in response to a public records request. Sunrise is not the only entity attempting to conceal information about Stingray use. Florida newspapers have reported some of this information before, based on their own records requests. We usually see this kind of response in the national security area; from a state police agency, it is particularly indefensible. Today we also sent a reply letter to the FDLE explaining why its response is inadequate and asking it to release additional documents, including the text of the nondisclosure agreement and any policies and procedures it has setting rules about how and when Stingrays can be used.

In recent months the ACLU and the press have begun to uncover a disturbing pattern of police departments across the country deliberately concealing basic information about their use of Stingrays from the public. This technology raises serious questions under the Fourth Amendment. The public is entitled to full disclosure of records so it can engage in an informed debate about the legality and wisdom of these devices, and provide oversight of their use.

When I lived in Florida around I was continually 'shadowed' by police offers on my commute. I would be driving along and suddenly one would get in front of me - often speeding very quickly from behind me to pass me then slow down significantly to stay ahead of me for the majority of my ride.

It was local police offers from various areas but appeared to be coordinated as I was commuting through 3 counties.

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It was clear to me then they were tracking cell phones as this feat could not be consistently accomplished any other way but WHY was another story. I am not a criminal, have never been arrested nor done anything to warrant an arrest, have a reasonable driving record, work hard, have an above average education, intellect and achievement.

I'm a nice person and an occasional church goer - I live a quiet, unobtrusive life. Why was I being stalked?