Search and rescue all terrain vehicles

In addition, the vehicle has increased comfort for researchers with air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Its control system and other core components were all developed in China, said Lyu Qian, general manager of the manufacturer. The vehicle is multifunctional with strong transport capacity and good adaptability to complex terrain. It can undertake various missions, including personnel and materials transportation, sea, ice and land explorations, as well as search and rescue operations.

Police Search and Rescue ATV Installation

Wei Fuhai, deputy head of the 36th Antarctic expedition, said more and more China-made equipment has been widely used in recent polar research, which is a symbol of the country's strength. Xi meets Pakistani PM, calls for forging closer community of shared future.

Pennington County’s new $121,000 search and rescue vehicle

Organized and supported by the Kentucky Dept. As most are avid outdoorsmen and women, they camp overnight at the training site.


This off-road rescue utility vehicle bed insert includes custom cut 'Turtle Tile' stretcher deck matting donated by Turtle Plastics. The site for this training, 'McKinney Tanks', off US Highway 6 approximately 18 miles east of Tonopah, is an abandoned old west stagecoach stop and former livestock watering hole. Read the Complete Article. Thank you for your interest.

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Search and Rescue Vehicles for Different Emergencies