Filing for an uncontested divorce in maryland

Although these forms were developed to assist people who decide to represent themselves, we urge you to consider carefully the importance of getting a lawyer to help you. The Judiciary assumes no responsibility or liability for actions taken by users of these documents.

An Average Timeline for Divorce in Maryland

Administrative Office of the Courts Harry S. Juvenile and Family Forms.

Who uses the form These forms are for people who do not have a lawyer and need to file papers in one of the following areas: Domestic relations - divorce, custody, visitation, child support, alimony, name changes, and contempt Guardianship — adult and minor Domestic violence - protective orders and peace orders Juvenile record expungement If you have questions If you have questions about forms, or how to file a case, please contact the county where your case will be or has been filed.

If you know what forms you need If you know what forms you need to file in your case, you can select them by case type, using the links below. During your testimony in court, you should say that you are a resident of Maryland and once again say how long you have resided in the State. Cases have been dismissed and even overturned because of improper proof of residency.

Grounds for Absolute Divorce in Maryland

If you have been a resident of Maryland for a short period of time less than one year , you will need to be especially careful about evidence to support your statement. Remember the court will focus on your intent to live in Maryland.

Requirements for a Divorce in Maryland

Tell the judge it is your intent to remain in Maryland and support this statement with evidence. One way to do this is to have a witness. For example, you could bring your boss in to testify that your job will keep you in this state.

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Courts can be more strict in uncontested divorce cases. A divorce is uncontested if your spouse is not formally disputing the divorce.

How to File for Divorce in Maryland

If your spouse is not contesting the divorce, you should bring evidence to support your statements about your residency in Maryland. You should bring a witness or other physical evidence that will help you prove your intent to remain in the State of Maryland. If the grounds for divorce occurred outside of Maryland i. You will need to wait until the 6 month period has passed before you can file for a divorce in Maryland.

Depending on your specific situation, you may have options.

A divorce action may be filed in the circuit court of the county of residence of the plaintiff the person starting the action or the defendant the person being sued for divorce.