Find facebook user id address

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Privacy Settings Profile Blurb Realtime Activities Recent Activities Registration Date Relationship Religious Views Removed Friends Screen Names Shares Status Updates Vanity Wallposts Website Note: Facebook is storing even more data categories. Original Files. These are some excerpts and altered versions of the original files we got from Facebook.

How to find & trace an IP address of a fake Facebook user?

Because of privacy concerns all personal information was edited out, some files were altered in order to make editing easier. These files should still give everyone a certain idea of the structure and extent of data processed by Facebook. PDF 7,7 MB. PDF KB. PDF 95 KB. PDF 11 MB. List of all data sets.

Example: Generated UTC. Date Range. Shows the date of generation again. Example: Creation to UTC. About Me.

how to find ip address of any facebook user

Account End Date. This very likely saves the date that an account is scheduled for deletion. Note: Facebook does not delete accounts right away. Account Status History. It is unclear if and where information is saved that facebook gathered about the user from other users e. Alternate Name. Gives back the alternative name you can type in e.

Facebook id finder

This set of data lists all applications a user has installed. YouTube This section showed some old chat conversations. All data was rather recent, which means that chat messages were deleted sooner or later. It is unclear if this section is still existing after facebook recently merged its chat and messaging function into one, but seems if all chat messages are now following the rules of normal messages. This category lists all places a user has checked in. The data set consists out of a page e. In addition facebook gives every checkin an individual ID number and an exact time stamp.

Note: These check-ins can only be deleted manually on the wall of the user, otherwise they are saved forever. This can be highly relevant for advertisement targeting. These connections often consists out of rather sensitive information. Nein Danke! No, Thanks! Credit Cards.

If you have purchased facebook credits you will find you credit card information here. Note: This information and your password is the only encrypted information, according to the privacy policy of facebook. Shows the local currency of the user.

Shows the setting for the city the user is currently living in, including some ID number for the city. Very relevant for personalized advertisement. Example: Vienna, Austria Date of Birth. Shows the birth date of the user. This in a required field when signing up for facebook and is one of the most important information for targeting individual groups of consumers. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 4 years, 10 months ago.

How to Find Somone's IP Address on Facebook

Viewed 68k times. Deepsy Deepsy 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. As others have said it doesn't seem that chat is P2P. But Facebook does support video chat although I've never used it , it's possible that it could be P2P. Directly, no. Indirectly, it's possible. One way: Have a web server, whose access log you control, up and running.

Send your chat partner a unique hyperlink pointing to that web server, have them click the link. You have your conversation partner's IP address.