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And we have joined in governmentwide efforts to prevent Social Security number misuse.

There's A Right Time And A Wrong Time To Give Out Your Social Security Number

We can resolve Social Security number reporting problems on our own records. We cannot control or resolve Social Security number problems with other organizations such as credit companies, banks or the Internal Revenue Service IRS. When you have tax issues such as someone using your Social Security number to work or get your tax refund , contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit or call In addition, you can order free credit reports annually from the three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Make a single request for all three:. Box , Atlanta, GA The Social Security Administration requires that you prove your identity and provide evidence that someone is misusing your Social Security number and causing you significant continuing harm.

Do Social Security numbers get reassigned once a person dies?

Of course, the elephant in the room is that a fraudster can sell your Social Security number on the dark web, thereby allowing others to use your identity many times over. This often means your information will be included on lists that other hackers will use in the future.

Once someone has your Social Security number, they can essentially become you. They may be able to collect tax refunds, collect benefits and income, commit crimes, make purchases, set up phone numbers and websites, establish residences, and use health insurance—all in your name. A great place to start is by reading the Social Security Administration brochure on Social Security number protection.

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Was yours one of the billions of records stolen through breaches in recent years? LifeLock identity theft protection sees more threats to your identity, like your personal info on the dark web.

I-Team: Websites post Social Security numbers of dead people

To get one, however, you must apply in person. Keep in mind that a new Social Security number won't necessarily be a fix-all if you've been a victim of identity theft.

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Government agencies or credit bureaus might retain records under your old number, which may lead to confusion when you apply for any sort of financing or loan. Furthermore, any credit history damage caused by having your initial Social Security number stolen might haunt you even once you have a new number to work with. And on the flip side, your new Social Security number won't have a credit history attached to it, which could cause problems when you're looking to borrow money.

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Your best bet, therefore, is to safeguard your original Social Security number so that it doesn't fall into the wrong person's hands. Keeping your Social Security number secure is one of the best ways to avoid identity theft and the financial issues that can come with it. To this end, always store your Social Security card in a safe place -- there's no need to carry it around in your wallet, and doing so increases your risk of losing it.

Additionally, be careful about giving out your Social Security number -- don't ever give it to someone who solicits it out of the blue.

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Along these lines, be sure to shred documents you no longer need that feature your Social Security number. At the same time, it pays to monitor activity related to your Social Security number by setting up an account on the Social Security Administration's website and logging on every so often.