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But be warned that though they provide search sites and instructions it will not necessarily be easy to jump through all the necessary hoops required to claim your funds. When the Orange County Register published an article about unclaimed property in California they received lots of feedback from people frustrated by the complexity of trying to get their money back.

You can, and not just through any one particular site, though there are some that are better than others. So read carefully and leave no stone unturned looking to claim money that is yours! Are They Looking for Owners? They and other states claim they work diligently to find rightful owners but if you live in that state have you ever been contacted about property that might be yours? Or seen and add or news report about how to see if they're holding your property? You may have ignored it because you figure maybe the property is just some meaningless souvenir left in a safe deposit box.


Read on find out if some of it is yours - and how to claim it! Good News for Safe Deposit Box Owners A recent law in California increases the probability that more owners of certain types of unclaimed property will be located and notified. The law relates to the contents of safe deposit boxes that have been turned over to the state. Previously, the state was only allowed to notify the person in whose name the safe deposit box was held.

But many such boxes contain saving bonds and military awards that are in the names of relatives. California currently holds over , safe deposit boxes. They are now going through the properties and notifying people of the holdings if they can locate them. They have also expanded their database so you can search more records than you could in the past at claimit.

The Truth About Unclaimed Money

We have not seen any report about how much of that value was returned to its owners over that same period. The Controller has suggested that the legislature should put more resources into the program so that rightful owners can be found. California survived the court challenge but court judge statements made it clear that they would decide in a future case whether the states should be required to do more to return property to owners.

Your Unclaimed Money, Your Search Don't assume that the state will let you know they're holding money in your name.

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Though that may not be fair, it's reality. An early L. For most types of property including those for which no time frame is specified in Alaska statue , the time frame is 3 years using an "as of" date of June 30 of the current year. A complete listing of property types and dormancy periods are detailed in the following document: Property Codes and Dormancy Periods.

ACH and wire transfer instructions are available by contacting our office at ucpholder alaska. ACH payments are our preferred remittance method.


Checks will be accepted only if the electronic method is unavailable. HRS Pro is our preferred holder reporting software. HRS Pro creates an encrypted.

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Our preferred holder reporting method is electronic submissions; however, some exceptions will be made where this is not possible. Contact our office at ucpholder alaska.


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As a convenience, Alaska will accept incidental property ten or fewer properties reportable to another state only if allowed by the other state. If your organization has a large number of reportable properties for another state, you should file a report with that state. Another site, www.

This site allows you to search more than one state at a time by selecting "all states and provinces" on the drop-down menu.

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Keep in mind when conducting your search that it is not necessary to pay a fee to track down unclaimed money. The resources for finding your lost funds are free. The feature allows you to search your missing income tax refund check by entering a few simple items like your social security number and the amount you are owed. The best time to search for lost funds is within 18 months of the credit union being liquidated. You can search either by your name or by your state and territory. Click HERE to search. Click HERE to search for your own or a family member's missing pension.

For companies that still exist or have been bought out, it is best to contact the company directly.

Another federal agency, the Employee Benefits Security Administration EBSA , also helps make sure retirement money is reunited with its rightful owners. Find resources and tips on the agency's website by selecting "Retirement" in the drop-down menu under "Key Topics.

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The U. Department of Veterans Affairs has a feature on its website that allows veterans and their family members to search for unclaimed insurance funds. The money is owed to individuals the department has not been able to locate and applies only to certain insurance policies. All rights reserved. Play Getty Images. Start with the states. How to find unclaimed money. Closed-door testimony by State official describes Giuliani's 'campaign of lies'.