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If you find a name of a relative or other person of interest in this index, you can then place an order for a copy of the original death certificate, which will have much more information on it, such as the person's place of birth, the names of the person's parents and spouse, and their burial location.

New York City Vital Records

For copies of records from January to the present , you have more options available to you, depending on how quickly you want to receive the record, how much you want to pay, and whether or not you require a certified copy:. If you want a non-certified record from - , you can either go to New Jersey State Archives in Trenton yourself, or you can hire a genealogist to go on your behalf, to get a non-certified print-out copy made from a reference-only microfilm. Unfortunately, the New Jersey State Archives staff are not allowed to provide this record copy to you, so you cannot order it from them by mail or phone, but you or someone else who is actually in the building can print it.

If you want a non-certified record from - , you can order a "genealogy" copy directly from the state of New Jersey , but you can only place the order by mail , and it is not expedited. You will have to provide your official identification with your order, but you won't have to prove your relationship to the deceased if the death was more than forty years ago. This method may cost somewhat more than going to the Archives or hiring someone to go to the Archives.

If you want a certified record from to the present, you will need to order online directly from the state of New Jersey and you will have to provide proof of both your identity and your relationship to the deceased. This method is usually pretty quick, but it's also the most expensive one. It's also the only option if you want to use the certificate for any kind of legal or identification purposes, such as probate or applying for dual citizenship.

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We use Freedom of Information requests to acquire and publish archival data sets, public records that have never before been available, or not available online. We focus on government agencies, archives, and libraries that have previously been unwilling to share their data. And if they don't follow the law, we file lawsuits to make them turn over the records.

As of July , our organization has filed five lawsuits against government agencies, with three settled in our favor and two still pending. We put all the data we win online for free public use, without usage restrictions. After all, our taxes already paid for it and it belongs to all of us. This data is in the public domain.

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There are no usage restrictions or copyrights attached to it. Feel free to use it however you'd like. Thank you to the New Jersey State Archives and their executive director Joseph Klett for their help tracking down records for this project. Thank you to the Internet Archive for providing free web hosting for the more than , images of the death index. The New Jersey Death Index A free searchable database of 1,, deaths in the state of New Jersey between , and over , free digitized images of the death index for the years , , and Start Your Free Search.

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A new project from using data from and. Search Database for Deaths Given Name. For example, you may be an executor of an estate. Regardless of the reason, there are many ways to gain access to a death record.

Vital records have been kept by most states since the early s. However, some states, such as Massachusetts, have had death records as early as the s. It is now required by federal law for all states to keep death records, but what must be included in a death record can vary. In the 21st century, certain forms of death records have become much more accessible than others. There are two types of death records: official death certificates and death indexes. This includes the:. The information included in these records can be more sensitive, so they are sometimes restricted by the state.

The restriction expires within 50 to years, depending on the state. To obtain an official death certificate, begin by contacting the state in which the individual resided.

The state may refer you to a local agency or may have possession of the certificate. Death indexes are more readily accessible. The organization did sue the city, but only to acquire unredacted portions of the records.

As a result, the city in agreed to hand over burial records that include the location of deaths that occur in public places. An earlier version of this article incorrectly said they span 40 years. Write to Tess Riski at Tess. Riski wsj.

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